About Me

My name is Reed Rowan Buck, and this is terrifying for me.

I’ve been a writer as long as I can remember. My first novella came out randomly when I was eleven (I just wanted to see if I could write a hundred pages). Ever since then, I’ve been working on creative writing for my own benefit, without really thinking much of it.

Then I graduated from college.

Now, I’m looking into writing as a career. I’ve done a little bit of everything – including some creative writing, some content and communications writing for the UCLA Library, and a teeny bit of science writing for my lab – but I really want to get into communications or something similar.

I’ve recently gained accreditation for some of my writing projects, including published press releases for the UCLA Library, coauthorship on an academic conference paper, and a spot in UCLA’s literary and artistic journal for my short story, The Oasis, which can be found here on this blog.

My goal for Journey Into Writing is to be a resource for other writers who are just starting out and struggling. I’ll be posting some random content (I think my first article will be about Westworld, my new obsession) some writing-related tips (like how to get through a first draft of a novel, or how to get picked up for freelance) and some of my own stories as examples. If you want to see only content related to one of those three topics, use the “Categories” tab on the right side of the homepage.

If you’re overwhelmed and looking for a place to start, I got some really good advice from James Patterson through a program called MasterClass. I put the best stuff in one post which you can find here. If you’d rather see some of my creative writing, which I post occasionally online, you can read my published short story here or the first chapter of my novel here.

I’ll be discovering as I go, so no promises!

Let us begin, then, the journey into writing.

-R.R. Buck