Movie Review: Wonder Woman

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So before I start I just want to say a few things. First, I’m not a film critic by any means. I took one class on film history and review in college and that’s all I’ve got besides some strong opinions. Second, every one of my friends thought Wonder Woman was great and that I was full of shit. Third, if you like the super hero movie genre, you’ll probably love this film.

Here’s why I didn’t.

I am pretty exhausted of the superhero genre. When I was younger, I saw the Dark Knight trilogy and became infatuated with the genre, probably because Christopher Nolan, and I was excited when they started doing a new set of films with Iron Man. And to be honest, I liked the first two Iron Man films, the first Avengers, the second Captain America, and a few random ones here and there.

But dude, it’s getting to be too much.

If you need any proof, look at Batman Vs. Superman. There’s something about these films that feels so stereotypical, so formulaic, that it just makes me a little sick. (If I’m trying to see a conspiracy theory, I would say that Marvel’s buyout by Disney is when it started going downhill.)

The formula:

We see a semi-mythical person growing up, like, from the very beginning of their life. This person clearly has some cool powers and stuff, but they don’t know how to control them, and we watch them struggle with how to use their powers. Meanwhile, there’s a budding romance with a non-super, very attractive but only mildly interesting lead, and there are always a bunch of jokes made at the expense of the differences in their experiences.

Also, the hero is noticing how shitty human beings are, and whether or not they deserve a hero to save them. And for a while, it looks like they’re thinking, “Nah, screw this, I’m out.” But at the end, somewhere between the *awe-inspiring and sex-charged* totally cheesy kiss with the romantic interest and the epic battle with the villain (which now is augmented by ridiculous amounts of CGI and Michael Bay – level explosions and sound effects), they decide that humanity is, indeed, worth saving despite all its flaws.

Man, I’m so tired of that crap. None of it feels real – not the flaws of the superhero, not the accelerated romance with the eye candy who’s literally there to be a romantic interest, not even the struggle with whether or not to help shitty human beings.

THAT’S WHY I LOVE DEADPOOL AND GUARDIANS. Because, seriously, if there were any movies who made fun of the entire genre and somehow managed to be more serious without taking anything seriously, that would be those films. I love the irreverence, and I would argue that Wade Watts’ relationship is way more genuine than Thor and Natalie Portman (probably because they didn’t meet in the middle of the goddamn film and were ready to be in love an hour and a half later).

Wow, what a traditional long Reed introduction to the actual review.

So what actually went well for this film? For one thing, I thought the feminist overtones were totally tight. They purposefully put Wonder Woman and her boo in situations where she’s able to save his dumb ass and show off how strong she is. I seriously loved that. Also, the soundtrack was pretty great (which my friend told me is because someone from Hans Zimmer’s studio wrote it). Finally, a few of the action scenes feature some pretty sick acrobatics which I thought were really cool and unique to that film.

Bad stuff? I’ve talked enough about sterotypical plot structure, so I’ll set that aside. I found the side characters to be kind of flat and uninteresting, and I wasn’t a fan of what I saw as a few plot holes (hard to describe without spoiling, so I won’t). Plus the CGI was kind of janky and unrealistic at some points. And I wasn’t a fan of the pacing.

Overall, as I said above, if you like superhero films, I’d say you should see it. Let me know how much I’m wrong in the comments. But if you, like me, are exhausted with the superhero genre and all your friends are telling you that “it’s so different from the other films, and it’s getting really good reviews” – well, consider this your excuse to not go.

Reed’s Score: 6/10

Yours, YEARNING for that Deadpool 2,

-R.R Buck


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