Streed of Consciousness [Part 3 – The Four Things I Get Totally Nerdy About]

(Reed’s Playlist for the occasion: Dune Buggy by the Presidents of the United States of America)

This will have to be short and sweet (unlike me), because I’m running behind in lab.

So, let’s see. Something to talk about… let’s do “The Four Things I Get Totally Nerdy About”. It’s got a good ring to it.

  1. Reading and Writing SFF: Betcha could have guessed that one. I think I’ve loved fantasy ever since Dr. Seuss as a kid, but I really realized it when I read Harry Potter and Eragon around the end of elementary/beginning of middle school. Something about fantastical societies, from children’s all the way to adult fantasy, has really resonated with me, especially when they’re used to reflect upon our own world. Science fiction as a genre came much later for me – late high school and early college – and started with Ender’s Game and Hyperion. I have to be in the right mood for it, but when I am, I freaking love it.
  2. Music: No, I’m not Kanye’s biggest fan, or T Swift’s, or the B-52’s. My genres tend to be split along two lines – “soundtrack to my life” music (composed mostly of pop punk, classic rock, and lyrical hardcore, and showcased in the Reed’s Playlist section of each post) and “writing” music (which is almost entirely theatrical or game-based music that helps build the perfect cadence to write to). If you’re interested in my favorite songs to write to, guess what? I wrote about it! 
  3. Neuroscience: As my undergraduate major and my science muse, the brain is one of my favorite things to talk about (most of my calls home to my dad end in an impromptu neuroscience lecture). Learning the intricacies of the ways our brains work is more than just studying anatomy – it’s discovering how we do the things that make us human. If you don’t think that’s cool, I’d be happy to lecture you until you think it’s cool. 😀
  4. Christopher Nolan Movies: Although this can be more broadly expanded into “any movie with a good plot twist and a confusing story”, 90% of those movies to me are Christopher Nolan movies. My favorite movie of all time is Inception (my incredible girlfriend actually bought me a model of the top from Inception for an anniversary present) and I also love The Prestige, Memento, Following, and the Dark Knight series. Honestly, anything that has me confused until right at the very end when the twist is revealed – that’s my favorite kind of movie, book, TV show (looking at you, Westworld), or anything else.

That’s it! Just a little something for you, my dearest readers. Many of you probably already knew all of that, but hey, I’ve gotten a few new followers, and we gotta get them up to speed, right?

Or should I say… up to REEEEEED?!??!?!?!

Okay, I’m done now.

Yours, wondering if he should have put “bad wordplay” on the list,

-R.R. Buck


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