Two Short Announcements

Hey all,

Hope you’re having a good Sunday! I won’t be posting very much right now, but I did want to update those few wonderful souls who care about my personal life.

First, The Oasis has been accepted by Westwind, UCLA’s journal of literature and the arts, to appear in their Winter 2017 issue! I’m really stoked to be able to work with them on edits (which means later this week I’ll have a post about the editing process, so be sure to check that out). It also means I’m an officially published author for my creative writing!!!! 😀

Second, I’ll be spending the next few hours at a horror-themed escape room in L.A. called The Basement. It’s supposed to be super terrifying and it only has a 12.4% success rate, so keep your fingers crossed for me, Lindsay, my brother, and his girlfriend! You can expect a short review when I get back (two half-posts make a full post right?)

Until then, keep on reading and keep on writing!

Yours, anticipating impending pants-wetting,

-R.R. Buck


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